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How It Works

INDIBA® Activ is a physiotherapy technique that makes use of energy to rearrange electric charges in the diseased area, thus reawakening internal energy and activating natural tissue repair and anti-inflammatory processes without involving the projection of radiant energy from the outside.

Frequency radio waves (448 kHz) generate displacement currents for the body’s typical electric charges – ions – which, subsequently, produce heat and increase blood flow.

INDIBA® stimulates injured tissues (i.e. tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and muscles) to activate natural anti-inflammatory and repair processes, achieving exceptional results in terms of efficacy and rapid action.

In a similar way to that observed in human athletes, INDIBA® applied to horses accelerates the body’s metabolic processes and increases internal temperature, enhancing the flow of blood rich in oxygen and nourishment for tissues.

INDIBA® diminishes inflammation and swelling, stimulates the circulation and reduces pain.

These are primary goals for competition horses that must either face high standard performances in the short-term or have short recovery times.

Electrodes have two operating modes:

The application of capacitive electrode upstream of the acutely inflamed point 

The application of capacitive and resistive electrodes directly on old injuries stimulates

How long does it take?

Recovery times vary remarkably from subject to subject.

Each horse develops its typical heat and response to treatment, besides involving certain tissues and personal degree of gravity for the disorder.

Following the trends of human physiotherapy, INDIBA® is now revolutionizing veterinary medicine and physiotherapy for the treatment of a great many painful conditions that affect the most common domestic animals.