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Uses in Animals

INDIBA® is used successfully in veterinary physiotherapy, particularly in equestrian sports.

Competition horses need to recover fast so they can get back to competing. Thanks to contemporary physiotherapy supported by INDIBA®, many horses with muscle, osteoarticular, ligament and tendon disorders have achieved a rapid functional recovery.

In the hands of an experienced therapist, INDIBA® can be used to help identify the source of an injury or condition, which in animals is a particular challenge, since they are unable to articulate, unlike human patients.

The usefulness of this new type of veterinary physiotherapy goes far beyond cases of injuries.

When applied regularly:

There are a great many cases in which the reactions induced by INDIBA® technology provide relief from suffering for our four-legged friends. Muscular contractures, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, postoperative oedema and vertebral disorders are just a few of the disorders that can be rapidly resolved by introducing our technology into veterinary rehabilitation practice.

INDIBA® gives unparalleled healing stimulation that will speed up recovery much higher than normal rate for tendons, ligaments, muscle and other damaged tissues. It is a proven method of treating joint pathologies, muscle, and ligament and tendon strains.

Indications for use include: