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INDIBA® Animal Health stimulates the injured tissues (muscles, ligaments, joints and bones), activates anti-inflammatory and endogenous recovery mechanisms, and contributes to relieving the pain symptomatology and recovering the jeopardized functional capacity.

The activation of the local microcirculation

Some of these mechanisms are achieved by means of direct hyperthermia and some by the biostimulating action of the radiofrequency current, as supported by the most recent research in this field.

Seeing is believing – just ask our believers!

Phoenix was definitely feeling looser today after one Indiba session.

Nicki Graham

Equestrian Centre Manager and Instructor

INDIBA® is fab! I didn’t quite believe it until I saw it for myself.

Hayley Springett

thermal photographer at Veterinary Thermal Imaging

After just 5 RF treatments, my horse Bubba seems to be showing improvement in his chronic lameness.

Mary Broyles

Danville, Kentucky